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번호 Name of Company Keyword of Technology Web site
67 Volga Diesel named after Maminykh Diesel and Gas Engines
66 RPF “Kostromskaya medtekhnika” Medical devices(Tables Surgical, Sterilizers, Air compressors)
65 SUAL-PM Ltd. (A company of UC RUSAL) #Aluminum #Powder #Metallurgy
64 Kostroma Wharf #Shipbuilding
63 TMK R&D #nanotechnology #pipe #coating #materials #polymer
62 TOMUS Turnover of digital parametric three-dimensional coordinate data about objects and application of machine learning for image recognition in motion TOMUS.INFO
61 SapFire Inc Video Door Phone, video on door speakerphone
60 LLC “TD Lutec” Vacuum forming, Production of molds, Design and production of conveyor lines, CNC machining, Metal tooling, Hot/Cold Forming, Injection technology, GMT/SMC mold
59 STROYSERVICE LED maintance, heat transfer, LED lamp, heat dissipation
58 JSC PLUTON #Joint #Cathode #Pump #Electronic Components